The Liver and Gallbladder Flush is Dangerous and a Scam

by on October 16, 2013

The liver/gallbladder flush refers to the practice of mixing about 1 cup of oil with citrus juice or apple juice and drinking it quickly in an attempt to “force” your liver to “fill up with bile and dump it”, “forcing the gall bladder to expel gallstones” which supposedly end up in the toilet after you go to the bathroom. Some flushes also recommend drinking epsom salts as well.

People experience cramping, diarrhea, sweating, nausea, or general sickness and exclaim after they complete the “liver flush” they feel SO much better and have rid themselves of those nasty 100 to 200 gallstones they believe they have in their gallbladder…. all without any proof they have any gallstones in the first place, and the fact that what they see in the toilet is actually just saponified oil (oil coagulated with the citrus/apple juice) because the body cannot digest that much oil at one time and must get rid of it. If you’ve tried the liver flush yourself and checked out the end result, notice how those “gallstones” are green (like your olive oil), shiny (like oil) and melt when slightly warmed (like oil)… You might also see some white rock like things which would be if you drank a mixture that included epsom salts. So please spread the word and don’t let your loved ones try this dangerous cleanse!

The gallbladder is very tiny in size and there is no way you could pass a couple of handfuls of gallstones each time in your liver flush. An average gallbladder is only 8 cm or 3 inches in length and 4 cm/1.6inch in diameter when FULLY distended. So the notion that you can pass 100-200 gallstones from the liver flush is grossly incorrect. If even one gallstone was dislodged it could get stuck in the bile duct and send you to the emergency room for surgery. This is not something you want to risk in itself.

Medical references are below so please explore them, it’s important to be aware of the correct physiology of the body. The gallbladder is vey tiny and does not have room to hold bile and 100’s of gallstones (even if they are small) and the common bile duct is an increasingly smaller tube so if a gallstone ever were to dislodge and get stuck there you would have a gallbladder attack and be in the emergency room getting it surgically removed. The only way you can actually have gallstones removed is if they are dissolved by a chemical solution directed under your doctor, or surgically removed. Dr. X explains why the liver/gall bladder flush does NOT actually work the way you think it does and how doing it is actually DANGEROUS for your health!

A surgeon’s take on the liver flush BASED on the testimonials written on…

“So what will happen if you do this (besides your producing a lot of unusually stinky and liquid poop)? Well, you will find things in your stool. If you read the many testimonials and look at the disgusting pictures on all the websites touting liver flushes, you will see photos proudly displayed of greenish balls or various other things that sort of look like–well, sort of “stone”-like. Naturally, the liver flushers claim that these are gallstones–without actually proving that’s what they are. Indeed, although it is certainly possible to pass gallstones into the stool and occasionally even find one, it’s highly unlikely to pass such huge numbers of stones (as claimed by testimonials) without previous clinical symptoms of gallbladder disease or without easily detectable stones on ultrasound examination. In some cases, the number of “stones” observed in the stool would have required a gallbladder the size of a football to hold them all! And, given that more always seem to “come out” when additional flushes are done, it would seem to imply that there is an endless supply there to be “dumped” out, a concept that defies plausibility, given that gallstones do not form rapidly enough to replace all the ones supposedly “flushed” out. In any case, check out this testimonial to see what I mean:

‘I just completed my 3rd liver cleanse. Whew! 1st cleanse 250 small stones pea size or less brown and green. 2nd cleanse 460 stones, small stones pea size or less brown and green. 3rd cleanse 260 stones light and dark green. Many marble size and 2 almost as big as golf balls (I saved these!) I highly recommend Andreas Moritz’s book, “The Amazing Liver Cleanse”. I followed to the letter and did colosan and colonics before and after. I read your testimonials and thought I would add my information.’

As a surgeon, I feel obligated to point out that I have never seen a common bile duct (the tube that runs from the liver to the duodenum, through which bile passes) the diameter of a golf ball. The claim that anything so large could “pass” thanks to these flushes strains credibility to the breaking point. This testimonial gets a bit closer to what may be the truth behind liver cleansing:

‘I did a ‘liver cleanse’ or gallbladder flush about 6 nights ago! I’m a 50 year old female in good health. I’m not overweight and have no health problems. I’m active and have been a schoolteacher for 25 years.

I did not have any symptoms of gallstones nor did I have an ultrasound. I just had always been curious to try a gallbladder flush and see if anything came out- as they say most everyone has these gallstones and it’s good to get them OUT.

I did the flush at about 9:30 p.m. And I vomited about 12:30!!! I thought oh hell what an un-pleasant waste of time. BUT the next morning I DID pass some (25?) gelatinous looking things that were greenish – none larger than a small pea. I felt lousey – bloated and not hungry the next day. But since then I’ve felt great!!

I think I vomited because I ate some plain white rice and drank some carrot juice about 5pm. I have been researching various liver/gallbladder cleanses and most say NOT to eat all day and to drink organic apple juice and only that for at least 2 days prior. I took only 4oz of fresh squeezed lemon juice followed by 4 oz of olive oil at about 10 pm. I nearly gagged **YUK** as I was taking it! I will do it again but will follow your directions. I wish I had come across this website BEFORE I did my flush!’

Note that this is an asymptomatic woman with absolutely no evidence of gallbladder or liver disease by clinical history, lacking the classic symptoms of right upper quandrant abdominal pain after a fatty meal (more succinctly known as biliary colic)–or any GI symptoms at all! (Although she certainly did produce some symptoms, didn’t she?) Because of curiosity, she made herself miserable for a couple of days with this “liver flush” and then noticed something “coming out.” These “gelatinous things” were almost certainly not gallstones. There are several varieties of gallstones. Of these, cholesterol stones can be rather soft and easily broken, but I don’t think they could be correctly described as “gelatinous.”

In any case, if these “flushes” actually flushed gallstones in to the GI tract, to be removed via the feces, it would be fairly straightforward to test scientifically, as I’ve pointed out time and time again in other venues. All that’s needed is an ultrasound machine and a willing radiologist, and possibly a biliary surgeon to evaluate symptoms and response. (Whether any IRB that is truly dedicated to human subject protection go for the protocol, however, I can’t guarantee.) Certainly, the ultrasound machine is not an onerous requirement, either. Ultrasound machines have become quite ubiquitous, as the price has fallen dramatically (and the quality has increased dramatically) in recent years. Virtually every OB/GYN practice that does prenatal care has at least one in their office, if not one in each exam room. Many general surgeons have them now, too; as do most emergency rooms. Pretty much any self-respecting breast cancer surgeon has at least one. There are even good portable ultrasound machines that fit into briefcases, and you can even find ultrasound machines in very poor parts of China and India, where, unfortunately, they are used to determine the sex of fetuses, so that parents can abort the females they don’t want. All that’s left is to draft a scientifically valid protocol with the proper controls and then to follow through and document symptoms, physical examination, diagnosis, pre-flush stone load in the gallbladder, and post-flush stone load in the gallbladder rigorously with high quality ultrasound examinations. Not surprisingly, it’s still never been done, as far as I can tell. I search in vain for actual physical evidence to support the claims of liver flushers.”

Reference Material:

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A surgeon’s take on the liver flush BASED on the testimonials written on…

Suggested textbooks by Dr. X:  Concise Colour Medical Dictionary (Oxford Paperback Reference) :
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Picture of Gallbladder:…
Wikipedia on Gallbladder:

This is an expansion on Dr. X’s video of how food doesn’t actually enter your body…Please subscribe to her channel:

I also wanted to share this video we made back in the spring just to give you an idea of Dr. X’s personal history of illness and being a patient in the medical system while also being a medical student during her struggle for diagnosis of celiac disease. This is why she is so passionate about helping you so you don’t struggle for health and confusion within the natural health and western medical world.

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1 Sydney March 16, 2017 at 1:47 PM

I thought the olive oil / lemon juice sounded like a good liver cleanse before having an ultrasound. I tried it for a couple of weeks taking 2 shot glasses a day before meals. Wow – was I WRONG! Apparently, the fat content from the olive oil extended my gallbladder and there were no gall stones. I had had a CSCAN 6 months earlier and the gallbladder had been normal then. I won’t be making that mistake again.


2 Veronica Grace March 19, 2017 at 1:01 PM

Oh my gosh that sounds terrible. Drinking large amounts of oil is quite hard for the organs to process regularly.


3 Polly January 8, 2017 at 12:03 PM

I just did this cleanse and I started to feel awful about an hour after taking the oil. I was nauseous, sweating profusely and blacking out. I wasn’t able to sleep for hours because I felt so lousy and spent some time lying on my cold bathroom tiles wondering what on earth I had done to myself. I wouldn’t recommend this cleanse and I wish I had read this first.


4 Bali Wellness Retreat & Bali Yoga Travel October 11, 2016 at 8:02 AM

Have been sporatically dong the Liver Cleanse over the past years…but the past 3 liver cleanses that I have done, have not given any ‘real’ results. It was like….’just another night’ with some bowel movement in the morning.

Then I read an article that says:

“In 2008, more than 400 Italian police officers conducted an operation called “Operation Golden Oil,” which resulted in 23 arrests and confiscation of 85 farms. Companies were adding chlorophyll to sunflower and soybean oil and selling it as extra virgin olive oil. As a result of these raids, the Australian government decided to allow olive oil brands to submit their oils for lab tests, allowing them to certify companies as pure “extra-virgin olive oil.” Alas, every company failed to gain certification in 2012.

“Prompted by all of these olive oil scams, researchers at the University of California decided to test 124 different samples from eight major brands of extra-virgin olive oil. Over 70% of the imported oils failed the test.”

The brands that failed to meet the extra virgin olive oil standards were:

– Bertolli
– Carapelli
– Colavita
– Star
– Pompeian
– Santa Sabina
– Primadonna
– Antica Badia
– Sasso
– Coricelli

Trader Joe’s, Safeway, Giant and Whole Foods also failed to meet the extra virgin requirements.

Filippo Berio, Mazola, Mezzetta, and Newman’s Own are also selling fake olive oil.

Brands that you can trust are:

– California Olive Ranch
– Cobram Estate
– Lucini
– Kirkland Organic
– Lucero (Ascolano)
– McEvoy Ranch Organic
– Bariani Olive Oil
– Corto Olive
– Ottavio
– Omaggio
– Olea Estates 100% extra virgin olive oil”

I don’t recall what brand I bought, but I wonder if this had an effect.

Next time, I will select one of the brands that is listed as the one that we can trust.

Hope this helps…..



5 Sabrina Geiger May 14, 2016 at 2:44 AM

I’m glad I found this because I just stumbled upon a disgusting website that had pictures of hundreds of gross things they claimed to be gallstones that came out just from the cleanse, and aside from grossing me out, it also did not ring true to me at all! That is humanly impossible, you don’t have to be a surgeon to know that.
But what worries me the most, is that people are doing this to themselves all for good health. Someone should probably tell them it’s not healthy to starve yourself and drink weird concoctions that make you violently ill. If it makes you sick, it’s obviously not good for you = common sense. If those things came out of me I would be worried, not proud. That can’t be healthy.

It reminds me of this one time I was dumb and decided to get into juicing for natural cleansing because I read it could cure diseases, and so I decided to drink a whole jug of fresh vegetable juice each day. It made me extremely sick and I didn’t understand why because I thought I was being healthy so I just kept doing it until I damaged my liver.
Well, drinking too much vegetable juice causes huge blood sugar spikes and overdoses you with vitamins. Here I was trying to cleanse my body out, but what I was doing was causing more toxicity because my body wasn’t able to filter out all the vitamins I was giving it. It literally damaged my liver and I had to go to the doctor and naturopath and they told me basically that what I was doing was stupid and then I had to go on treatment to heal my liver, thankfully the damage wasn’t too severe and I was able to reverse it with milk thistle. They told me that an active person only needs 2 cups of vegetable juice a day, spaced a part. A sedentry person only needs 1 cup of vegetable juice a day, because basically in 1 cup of juice you are getting many servings of veggies. No one should ever be drinking a whole jug of it a day, especially when you consider how many vegetables go into the juice to make it. Overdosing on vitamins can make you really ill, and it’s so much sugar.


6 Kat April 21, 2016 at 5:46 PM

I’m going to school for PN nursing and we’re learning some very interesting things about grapefruit juice. For most of these cleanses you have to take grapefruit juice and this juice is particularly interesting as it does things to your liver that other citrus juices do not. Grapefruit juice inhibits metabolism in the liver, it literally will not allow the liver to absorb certain drugs/foreign substances. This can create highly TOXIC blood levels if you take it with medications as the liver isn’t able to absorb the medication and regulate it, filling your blood with a heaping toxic dose of medication (especially if it is a med that is given repeatedly throughout the day as it isn’t cycling out of the blood stream when more is added). The more grapefruit juice you drink, the more it inhibits absorption and the more things enter directly into your blood. Now I’m not a physician and I’m not even a PN yet, but these cleanses sound like they are just turning off the livers ability to absorb anything allowing everything else you are putting into your body to accumulate before your body excretes these high levels of salt and oils. The liver’s job is literally to take fat soluble items and turn them into water soluble items for metabolic processes, if you inhibit the liver it will dump bile, oil, fats, cholesterol that it cannot filter out into your intestines. It does this anyway, but when inhibited you’re just dumping everything you are literally just putting into your body. The liver can’t absorb any of that oil and salt you’re putting into it and so it just dumps it right back out. I’m not an expert, but unless I’m missing something in basic or complex biology this is what is happening in the liver/gallbladder cleanse. Here are some links that I found helpful: and


7 JMBC June 28, 2015 at 4:28 PM

Hi there, I’m low fat, high raw, and vegan 🙂 I’ve experienced phenomenal health improvements already, but for various reasons (used to drink heavily, and have an eye issue that I’m told is related to gall or liver toxicity, or a cholesterol deposit) I’ve thought of doing a liver cleanse. I’d already been a little skeptical, because how would a cholesterol deposit (if that’s what my pinguicula really is) benefit from consuming a large quantity of fat. I’m also prone to pancreatitis and cutting fat to less than 10% of my daily calories has helped tremendously in so many ways. Now after reading your post I’m even more put off the liver cleanse. What do you suggest to help not just support, but heal the gall and liver? The company I’m looking at, also has a harmful organism cleanse (no oil chugging required). People claim to pass tape worms and eggs after that cleanse. Do you think all cleanses are nonsense? Thanks 🙂


8 Alex May 2, 2015 at 8:40 AM

So I read what your thoughts are about the flush, and I’ve been going back and forth with this decision …..the reason why I’ve been considering to do a flush, ……I’ve been doing extensive acupuncture work and within the first two weeks I was getting these horrible migraines, (I have a history of migraines, nothing new under the sun for me!) any how I showed my acupuncturist where is the pain center of my migraines and she pointed out that it’s my upper colon and gull bladder… from that point on I’ve been in this whirlwind of trying to figure what’s wrong with my gallbladder ……at this point I’m thinking have I been like this my WHOLE LIFE!!……Hmmmm? ……so now I’m going to leave the ball in your court! Please share your thoughts and let me know what you think about this and what do you recommend I should do…..and please I don’t want you think that I’m Trying to rush you, I am on a bit of a tight schedule to do this, today is Saturday and I purchased all the ingredients… please get to me ASAP thanks.


9 Kat April 21, 2016 at 6:06 PM

I’m sorry about your migraines. Here’s a few really basic things I can think of that trigger migraines you might want to cut from your day if you haven’t already: Drink water, not just any liquid, but water, a lot of it. Eliminate-completely-caffeine from your diet. Do not stress your jaw (clenching, eating tough foods, chewing gum). Do you wear head bands or tie your hair up? If so, stop. Are you getting enough sleep at night? How is your electrolyte balance? How is your posture (if it isn’t Victorian-Era perfect at all times, make it so!)? Do you sleep with a pillow? Try removing the pillow (this could lead to a few sleepless nights but once you get used to it it may help, particularly if you are on a flat surface when you sleep). Do bright lights trigger it? Are you on any medications that have migraines as a side effect? Do you have anxiety or high points of stress during your day (if so, find ways to calm down and just take it slow)? Does temperature or atmosphere in your area influence the migraines, could it be related to pressure changes? If these symptoms continue to persist, have you considered medication? Even just pain medication OTC? Does this happen to other people in your family? Do you take multivitamins or supplements (these could improve your situation if you are lacking in some sort of vitamin or mineral)? Do you eat enough iron-rich foods? Do you take too much of a certain vitamin/mineral?
This is just everything I can think of to bring up but if nothing works and you haven’t already I’d see a physician. Acupuncture is really a way to flood certain areas with blood to improve circulation, if you are lacking a substance in your blood and need more blood to reach your head to supply this substance acupuncture could help but so could supplementing the substance. This also makes me wonder about your blood pressure, has it ever been high or low for long periods of time? This could be a contributor and taking medication to regulate it might help, but that would be a doctor’s call. It could also have nothing to do with BP.


10 David Rucker April 8, 2015 at 1:27 PM

Expelling a gallstone seems like an easy thing to test for a doctor with an ultrasound machine. For a patient with small stone(s) that are confirmed with the ultrasound machine, let them do a gallbladder flush and the give them another ultrasound the next day.


11 Linda S March 25, 2015 at 10:18 PM

My friend is doing this and I think she’s crazy, said she’s on the 2nd set of these even saved to show her friends what they look like, then went to some Dr . Office to have a professional enema. She thinks this will make her liver work so she can lose weight and stop being so tired. Plus she just had her bladder tucked up. WTF is wrong with people


12 Alejandro MPFranklin January 5, 2015 at 3:14 AM

It the materials are the residue of olive oil I consumed the night before, they are not the HDL/gallstones, why the olive oil that I consume at other occasions do not become this kind of residue? The Italians put so much olive oil in their menu and I used to eat Italian food.


13 Veronica Grace January 5, 2015 at 10:52 PM

Drinking 1 cup of olive oil with juice is indigestible in this quantity. When you have a few teaspoons or tablespoons of oil WITH food it is digested and thus no saponified balls of oil are created.


14 Kelly November 6, 2014 at 11:05 AM

I agree that these liver flushes are nonsense, but at the same time, with all due respect, so is a vegan diet. It might be beneficial for short periods of time, but over the long haul…so many problems will develop.

I’m sure you’ll disagree! 🙂


15 Veronica Grace November 6, 2014 at 8:25 PM

Not sure why you are on a vegan website then. And it’s nonsense to use such a broad statement like that because far more people sick from SAD diets than vegan diets. Most people can thrive on most diets as long as they get a variety of vitamins and minerals. A vegan diet is no different and many doctors have done studies and have proof of this. Not so with liver cleanses, there are no studies showing that liver cleanses work.


16 Elizabeth September 4, 2015 at 11:17 PM

Kelly, you are so very, very wrong. A vegan diet has been approved as healthy for every stage of life by the USDA.

Not to mention I’ve been vegetarian for 24 years and vegan for 10 and I’m very healthy. And I look and feel great!

(But this comment isn’t really for you since you seemed to have an opinion sans any evidence, it’s for others who may read it.)


17 Anna November 1, 2014 at 4:20 AM

Very informative. I too was considering to do the cleanse, but now putting this idea behind me.
However for the feedback I would like to say that this little arrorant tone and attitude in your voice does not come across very well. Why? Because like Richard said, there are a lot of unwell feeling people out there (unfortunately myself as well), that the blood counts come back as in normal range and doctors just tell you go home, it all in your head.
People are tired and frustraited of not having any solution to their problem and willing to try anything.
So if you want to make your point to those unwell “its in your head” people , you need to be more sensitive and understandable of why are they pursuing this path, with a possibility of harming themself even further.
But unfortunately this is the attitude of many many doctors and healthcare professionals to have know it all attitude in front of the patients. Guess what, yes you do know more than an avarage patient, because you are the spacialist, but it is unprofessional to ridicule your patient if they dont know. Rant over.
Thank you.


18 Regine August 10, 2014 at 4:33 PM

According to this article the many liver cleanses out there sound dangerous. However, what can I do if I am definitely showing symptoms of needing a liver cleanse? I experience pain in my liver frequently and I always feel full and bloated among other things. What is a safe way to get my liver clean and functioning better?


19 Veronica Grace August 11, 2014 at 3:56 PM

Organs generally don’t need to be “cleansed”. Eating a a whole foods plant based diet, drinking lots of fluids and/or veggie juices should be able to help, but please if you have pain or any major concerns talk to an actual doctor first.


20 michelle June 9, 2014 at 9:52 AM

I did this cleanse and had nothing but regular, slightly soft stools. Not one green thing.


21 Lisa May 25, 2014 at 7:03 PM

I had a dieased Gallbladder and did have it removed. I am still having cramping in the upper right quadrant where the liver is. I have gained weight since having my Gallbaldder removed and eat a clean diet as Organic as I can and very low to none processed foods. When I consulted with my Dr. I of course do have a Fatty liver. I have been trying to lose weight to help with the Fatty liver to no avail. I’m not sure if I’m having digestive issues since now that Gallbladder was removed and bile just slowly drips straight to the intestine and not being able to digest the fats or foods I’m eating. Or, if I could possibley have stones in my liver that’s causing the pain. I have just recently started taking bile salts to help with this. I don’t see much of a difference as of yet. It’s almost as if I’m still having Gallbladder attacks without the Gallbladder! ALT and AST were slightly elevated but the Dr nor the seuorgen were overly conserned. What’s your opionion?


22 Steven May 9, 2014 at 11:32 PM

Thanks for this info. I’m having gallbladder removal surgery June 4th and I’ve been looking for alternatives. This gallbladder flush seems bogus but I don’t know if surgery is the right thing to do. Thanks for the info and I’ll keep researching.


23 Richard April 10, 2014 at 9:09 PM

Hi there, I just wanted to weigh in.

While on one hand I agree with Veronica. If you are indeed experiencing pain in your stomach, that is definitively not something I would want to speculate about. You should immediately go to the ER if that persists. With that said, enter my nightmare. I have had on going stomach troubles for the past 12 years. No one, can tell me anything. I repeat NO ONE. Dozens of doctors, nurses, surgeons, and a host of other “professionals” have examined me, tested me, classified me, labeled me(psycho), and yet ultimately dismiss me. I hear them through my ER door discussing my case. If you could only have heard the things they say about their patients, you would understand why I put the word professionals in quotes. And I am supposed to entrust my well being to these individuals? Surely, you can imagine why people would want to find an alternative, when presented with this kind of clinical indifference? That is what I find so unfortunate, many/most of these people myself included, are just desperate. WE WANT A SOLUTION! They’re solution?..Please Veronica shine some light on the abject incompetence, that is in essence the maternal precursor, for someone who is already disenchanted, to begin their own ill-fated journey of “unofficial” medicine. People need and will look for help. And whatever form(s) that help manifests as is honestly irrelevant when you consider that they may just have no where else to turn. That is the real crime here.


24 michelle June 9, 2014 at 9:51 AM

ABSOLUTELY RIGHT ON. I have a recurring stomach ache, with lots of accompanying symptoms and started getting migraines (I guess?), in my mid 40’s, which isn’t unheard of, but is very rare. I’d like to know why.
Every ailment I have seems to be a mystery and when the standard tests come back negative, I leave feeling like a hypochondriac. I don’t think am I, as I HATE being sick, and feeling down and out. I like feeling good and being productive. I wish I could find a doctor that understood that and actually tried to help me figure out the causes of these things because even though they are intermittent, they are often debilitating! I’m at the point right now where I feel like saying fine, I’m crazy…and a hypochondriac so lets treat that, then can we find out what the other things are?


25 Sally November 5, 2014 at 2:13 AM

Your entire comment is basically an appeal to emotion, which is a logical fallacy. The author of this article and the woman in the video just presented to you cold hard scientific, factual evidence that liver cleanses do NOT work and aren’t even physically possible to achieve. I’m sorry if that is hard to accept, but it is the truth. As for your personal health issues, while I do sympathize (sometimes doctors can be really insensitive and apparently a lot of them are sociopaths, which isn’t to say I distrust all doctors or anything, but many can be jerks), just because the doctors you’ve seen haven’t found a solution to your problem yet doesn’t mean there isn’t a scientifically validated answer out there somewhere. Everything has a scientific explanation, it just may take some time to find. So unless you deny that very basic philosophical point, then don’t bother with a liver cleanse, which has very thoroughly and scientifically been debunked and is completely lacking in evidence to prove it has any kind of worth, to boot! I know there is a very real urge and pressure to seek an alternative to a system that you may feel like is failing you, but I really don’t think turning your back on the facts is going to get you anywhere either. Drinking a cup of oil is basically a form of POISONING your body, which is the antithesis of “First, do no harm,” so any alternative medicine doctor or blogger who suggests a cleanse like this should really have their credentials revoked because they are harming a lot of people. If you want to harm yourself further then go ahead. Personally, I’m not swayed by anecdotal evidence. If you can show me even one good research paper on how liver cleanses are in any way shape or form effective, then I will definitely look at that objectively, but I guarantee you it doesn’t exist.


26 Sakura January 15, 2016 at 9:58 AM

To Richard, Michelle, and others,

There is clearly a lot more going on in your gut and brain and the people you’re going to are just not well informed enough. If you are willing to make big changes, depending on your eating habits they may not be big changes, I’d suggest going to a doctor like Datis Kharrazian. Someone who is going to look at your blood and give you a real chance at getting better. There are many doctors practicing across the country you could seek help from. You won’t find these doctors in your typical hospital though. I wish you the best in health.


27 Travis March 28, 2014 at 1:46 PM

I actually went to the doctor because I was having stomach pain after eating and he had me have a sonogram done to see if I had any gallstones. It turns out that I do have a large amount of small stones in my gallbladder. He recommended that I have my gallbladder removed if the pain continues. I came across this gallbladder cleanse and decided to try to see if it works. There is a three day prep cleanse before the actual “flush” and I am currently on the first day, so I thought I would maybe get back to you after it is all said and done and see if it actually works.


28 caleb August 14, 2014 at 6:57 PM

did it work?


29 Craig February 28, 2014 at 1:04 AM

I have never done a liver flush, I hate olive oil so much I could never stomach it. I do however juice every day. Celery, carrot, clove of garlic and half a beetroot. About a week ago I had a bowel motion and there was about 6 of these greenish black structures that were hard yet could be crushed and broken up. What were they?
I didn’t and don’t feel ill. I do know that beetroot juice is a very good cleanser of the liver.
What do you think?


30 Carl February 16, 2014 at 1:44 PM

Hi, I have done this cleanse a few times before and like everyone says, I passed a lot of stones. I have a really bad feeling in my liver now and I am wondering what i should do? I’m quite worried as the pain is getting worse and worse and i eat very naturally, vegetarian etc. What to do?


31 Veronica Grace February 16, 2014 at 8:22 PM

Please do not do the liver cleanse anymore and go to a doctor. If you have pain that is a clear indication that something is not normal.


32 Ed February 13, 2014 at 10:19 AM

At 3:02 you state the oil does not touch the liver. At 8:40 you state it goes through the liver. Please clarify.


33 Veronica Grace February 16, 2014 at 8:25 PM

She did not say that it goes through the liver, she said if it did.


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