Questions Answered: Is Cooking Spray Ok To Use and Can You Make Oil-Free Kale Chips?

by on February 16, 2013


After posting about The Myth of Moderation: The Impact of “Just a Little Oil”. I got some questions so I decided to answer them so everyone can benefit.


Q: Veronica – what is the impact of using  the cooking oil sprays? 

We all have probably heard about Pam non-stick cooking spray. On the front of the container it actually says “fat free” which they are legally allowed to advertise if 1 serving is less than 0.5 g of fat.


Look at the back of the container and it says that 1 serving is actually 1/3 of a second spray.


Do you know anyone that can spray a fraction of a second?


I don’t either.


Read the ingredient list and it says: canola oil, grain alcohol from corn, lecithin from soybeans, and propellant.


So is it possible for any food to actually be fat free, when the first ingredient it contains is oil?


No. Absolutely not.


The primary ingredient in all cooking sprays is oil. They’ve just conveniently changed the serving size to something absurd to weasel around food labelling laws.


This only serves their purposes, not yours.


When you use cooking sprays, do you spray for even just 1 second?




Usually it takes a few seconds to cover a pan or some vegetables on a tray with cooking  spray.


So at best you’re adding a fraction of a teaspoon of oil to your dish, and at worst it’s a teaspoon or two.


But it’s really hard to know for sure.


And that’s not all, they use propellant in cooking spray which is a pretty vague term.


Propellant in cooking spray can include n-butane, isobutane, nitrogen dioxide and carbon dioxide.


While they are used in small levels, it’s not something you want to be consuming and using every day in your cooking.

Every little bit can add up.


Have I used cooking spray ever? Yes.


Do I use it regularly? No. Almost never in fact.


Instead of using cooking spray and oils, why not master the art of oil-free cooking?


For cooking in a non-stick pan, use some water or vegetable broth to sauté. If you’re doing only onions or mushrooms, you actually don’t even need any liquid, as they will naturally release them while cooking to prevent sticking.


For baking or roasting, try using a little balsamic vinegar and water with seasonings, or vegetable broth in a roasting pan and seasonings.


While we cannot replicate cooking with oil, we can increase the healthfulness of our cooking while still achieving good flavor.


There’s far too much oil in restaurant and prepared food as it is to need to use any of it at home.


All oils and cooking sprays are highly refined foods and should not be a regular part of your cooking.


Q: I made kale chips awhile back and they were very good…both my wife AND i LOVED THEM BUT…IT TOOK A COUPLE OF TABLESPOONS  OF OIL which was rubbed on the kale  to prepare them for baking… is ther[e] a better way to make kale chips?


While I haven’t made kale chips in the oven, I have made them in a dehydrator (as they started out as a raw vegan snack at first.)


I would suggest using another liquid such as balsamic vinegar, or lemon juice instead to toss the kale in and using seasonings such as nutritional yeast, soy sauce and chili flakes instead.


I even found an oil-free oven dehydrated kale chips here. For oil-free raw vegan kale chips go here.


A quick google search will often yield oil-free versions of your favorite recipes. So don’t be afraid to use it.


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