Aloha From Honolulu Hawaii!

by on April 17, 2012

Yesterday I arrived in Honolulu, Oahu, for a much needed two-week vacation
following the launch of my first ebook (and the completion of testing my recipes
for my second ebook). I have to say it feels great to be “off my feet” so to speak
and out of the kitchen for a while!

Honolulu Oahu Hawaii Ala Moana Beach Park

(The view from Ala Moana Beach Park)

Oahu Hawaii Honolulu Downtown

Honolulu Waikiki area

Hawaii is one of my top favourite places in the whole world. Every time I come
here I just feel so relaxed and happy. Stepping off of the plane you are greeted
by the fragrant scent of tropical flowers, a warm breeze envelopes you like a
cozy blanket and you feel like you’ve entered a magical paradise that you never
want to leave. I know I feel like that every time I come here…

What’s great about Honolulu and the Waikiki area is that you don’t need a car.
We have a friend pick us up from the airport and we can just walk to everything
around here. Generally we don’t even take cabs, but if you wanted to say go to
Costco or something you can go there by cab or bus.  We’ve taken the bus a
few times here, it’s pretty easy. The busses announce their names and each
stop so it’s great for tourists trying to orient themselves in a new place.

One of the things people on Oahu complain about is the traffic, but if you’re on
vacation you probably won’t notice it unless you’re driving around in rush hour
or going on a tour all around the island. If you check out the North Shore you might
get to see some sea turtles coming inland or bathing on the beach by the side of the
highway. If you go to the West side of Oahu you can check out Matsumoto’s Shave Ice.
Shave ice is like a finely shaved snow and much better than a snow cone. Most of the
shaved ice in Hawaii is the same, and it’s kind of like a slurpee/snow cone and really loose.
Matsumoto’s is better because they actually pack it in like a snow cone, so it doesn’t melt as
fast and the flavours stay separate on each side. After having it once and then some other
shave ice places I can say it’s definitely worth checking out if you’ve never had it before.

Ala Wai Canal


To jumpstart your healthy lifestyle before summer, get my DVD series
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Because I’ve been out of the kitchen for a few days and won’t have access
to my usual kitchen tools and ingredients I’ll only be sending you one
vegan recipe this week instead of the usual two.

BUT the recipe I’m going to send you is a good one! Actually my friend
Karmyn, who lives on the Big Island of Hawaii just told me there’s a new
vegetarian restaurant opening up that wants to put one of my raw recipes
on their menu! (Karmyn was raving about it and convinced them it was so
delicious, easy and healthy, they couldn’t refuse.)

This is so exciting that I’m going to share the recipe with you on Thursday.
I know you’re going to love it, especially now that it’s spring and you’re
craving something new and refreshing.

Now is the perfect time to start thinking about eating healthier and getting
active. Eating some fresh produce whether it’s in smoothies, salads or
even whole is relatively easy to add to your diet. But for those of you looking
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repertoire, there’s my Savory Raw Dinner Recipes DVD and recipe book

Maui Gold Mini Hawaiian Pineapple

Since I’ve arrived I’ve already eaten a ton of fresh Maui Gold pineapple (this is
some of the best sweet pineapple you will ever have) and a bunch of Hawaiian
papayas. Yes we can get these things at home, but they are just so fresh
and delicious here I feel even more drawn to them.

Eating fresh and seasonal produce is one of the best things you can do for
your health. The fresher and least amount of processing, the better. I know
salads can be something you either love or hate, just based on the dressing
alone! I know I like salads myself, but only if there’s a good (and oil-free)
dressing that really adds another dimension to it. And I don’t like eating
the exact same one every day either!

This is one thing I think most people have a problem with. They kind of get
stuck in a salad rut and use the same old store bought dressing every time,
or just give up eating salad because they don’t really know what to put in it
or on it.

This is why I created some awesome salads and raw entrees and added
some killer combinations to them to make the flavours pop in your mouth
to savor.

It’s called Savory Raw Dinner Recipes because fruit salad and
smoothies are pretty simple in terms of preparing and flavor combinations,
but mixing salad, fruit and vegetables together into a healthy dish can be
a little trickier and more complex.

If you want to eat more raw foods but are bored with typical raw recipes,
salads and veggie sticks and dip, I think you will love Savory Raw Dinner

Get over 50 more healthy and delicious raw recipes here:

In addition to the DVD version, we’ve now created a DIGITAL VERSION
of this program for those who prefer to download everything right away and
not wait for post man!

Have you ever been to Hawaii before? What is your favourite place? Where would you like to go?

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1 Al April 23, 2013 at 1:57 PM

I was just there!!!! What an incredible beautiful place. Truly paradise! I did not want to come back to the mainland. The sun, the people, the surf, the sea breezes, the mountains, AHHH, Aloha!!!!
Sweet, fresh fruits! Yes, Hawaii is expensive, but one has to know where to go for local foods. We visited a farmers market that was a gem, delicious pineapple, papaya, etc. One lady had tofu salad which was delicious. And oh the happy people that I met there, (reminded me of Jamaica, my hometown). It truly was a delight.
Veronica thanks for your pictures and all your recipes and all that you do to encourage and motivate us to be healthy and live a Low-Fat Vegan lifestyle. I am so happy that I found your website. Blessings!!!


2 Eva May 17, 2012 at 6:24 PM

thanks for the pictures and info, just got back from the Big Island, camped for 3 weeks and loved every minute of it, so much to visit Volcano, Black and Green Sand Beach, observatory, Polulu, Waimaia? spelling may be wrong and all the beaches, also met lots of raw foodist and even went to a raw food pot luck, yes papayas are so delicious there and have you tried the white pineapple, fruit that taste like pumpkin pie, yams, brown sugar, bubble gum and angel food cake they were all so awesome:)


3 Kathy April 30, 2012 at 9:06 PM

I was introduced to your site from The McDougall newletter…thank you for all the beautiful pictures and new ideas for smoothies, etc.


4 Low Fat Vegan Chef Veronica April 30, 2012 at 9:07 PM

You’re welcome Kathy! Yes I just received the McDougall newsletter today too. I met Mary and John at the Advanced Study Weekend in February and wanted to share my McDougall friendly recipes with them and their followers.


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