Vegan Fish Sauce Recipe

March 18, 2013

So why make vegan fish sauce? Well if you like to make your own vegan Thai or Vietnamese food, fish sauce is a very common ingredient and gives these cuisines a nice flavour. I used this vegan fish sauce recipe for using in Nuoc Cham (the sauce used for Bun Chay aka vermercelli salad bowls) […]

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Homemade Fajita Seasoning Mix

January 15, 2013

Who needs to buy Fajita or Taco seasoning mix? Did you realize it’s super easy and inexpensive to make yourself if you already have the following ingredients in your pantry? I find seasoning mixes often too hot and spicy for my tastes so this is a perfect way to adjust how spicy you want your […]

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Punjabi Garam Masala Recipe

November 22, 2012
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Are you looking for a fragrant yet milder version of Garam Masala to use in your Indian recipes? I find that store bought Garam Masala is quite spicy and bitter, and not as fragrant. So I decided to make this recipe instead. Garam Masala can contain a mix of spices and be made differently depending […]

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