10 Day Water Fasting – My Experience

by on June 28, 2013


10 Day Water Fast – My Experience

Back in December 2010, I decided to do a 10 day water fast while I was visiting in Bali. I had 1 hotel room for 2 weeks (well it was more of a suite with 2 bedrooms) and I was going to spend most of the time inside anyways.

So I thought having 14 days in one place in Bali would work as I could have a few days to recover before going on to my next Destination: The Philippines.

I had done several 1 day water fasts and 3 day water fasts, both on my own, so I was not too worried.  I had a friend watching me during this 10 day fast.  I have read some works by Shelton on fasting myself.

I had been feeling kind of crappy and blah a little in Thailand and Singapore because I were inside a lot, doing the same thing everyday (being on the computer), I felt tired and not really hungry and I wanted to have more energy and feel better.  Also my skin was getting a little crazy with hormones, the constant A/C but then humidity outside and it was dry and oily and at the same time.

I had never gone into ketosis before doing shorter fasts, so I was not sure what to expect.  Friends told me I’d probably have low energy and not feel so great and probably be really bored, but I could try for a week and see how it went.

My goal was to try and get to 10 days.  At 7 days I would see how I felt and then decide if I could keep going.  Since I was kind of on vacation and did not really have to go anywhere or be capable of anything it seemed like a good time.

***BTW I do not recommend doing a water fast of more than 3 days on your own, unsupervised.  Especially if you have to drive, work, walk very far, take care of others or have existing health conditions that could put you at risk, it’s just unwise. You can always do a series of 1 day or even 3 day fasts if you are unable to take time off to go to a fasting center for proper care.

If you do a water fast on your own your friends and family are likely to be afraid for you, worry you or talk you out of it, or even worse call an ambulance on you or take you to the hospital because they think something is wrong. Don’t put yourself in a situation where you have unsupportive people around you and you are in a weakened state! That is very dangerous and they won’t know that fasting is less harmful than taking you to the hospital or putting you on medication.

During my fast I stayed inside my hotel room almost the entire time, I drank water when I was thirsty and I booked an in hotel massage once a day for the first 8 days of fasting. Partly because I wanted something to look forward to each day, and partly because I wanted to see if it would help my lymph while fasting.

So here is my fasting journal for my 10 day fast and the few days recovering after the fast.

Fasting Day One

I have no hunger. I’m feeling a good amount of energy. No light headedness. Did a few exercises and felt fine.
Did not really think of food at all. No cravings. I’m glad I mentally prepared myself that I won’t be eating for a while.

Later on in the evening I have a little headache from artificial light. I was watching some tv and on my computer.  It’s pretty dark in this hotel room, so not a lot of natural light.  So that’s probably why.

Fasting 36 hours

I’ve been sitting up in bed resting. My lower back a little sore. I’ve been going to bed late and sleeping in because it’s a little boring here. I have a slight sensitivity to light. Not hungry or dizzy. Slight mouth fuzziness, even though I’m still brushing my teeth twice a day. I have dry lips, probably the a/c is not helping. Itchy skin on my face.

My weight today is 130 lbs/59 kg.

Fasting 61 hours

I feel headachey, and a little weak. Not hungry though. I do feel a little out of it. I keep sleeping 9 hours a night like I usually do. I wanted to keep sleeping as long as possible because then there is less time to sit here and be awake. Resting in bed mostly. Waiting for the hours to crawl by.  A little bored. My breathing is much slower I think.

I still weigh 130 lbs/ 59 kg this morning.

Fasting 65 hours

I feel much better this morning. Less of a headache. I feel a little hungry now. I have a sensation in my throat and stomach feels really empty. I remember when I fasted for 3 days before I felt like I had a vacuum in my stomach, but it doesn’t feel like that this time.  I just feel like my heart is beating in my stomach, it feels stronger than in my chest and is weird.

Fasting 69 hours

I got a blood glucose meter. So I checked myself for the first time.  My Blood glucose is 3.4 mmol/L. Looking it up from the chart it’s within normal ranges.  I do feel a little light headed though.  I make sure that I sit up and then wait a few seconds before standing up so I don’t get that black out feeling from lower blood pressure.

Fasting 84 hours

I slept another 9 hours last night. Today I feel hungover, even though I have not had any alcohol for about 3 years now. It totally reminds me of being destroyed and hungover. I’m very nauseous and dizzy. I don’t want to move it makes me feel really bad. Even typing this is making me feel sick.

I feel a little better after resting an hour and then having some water. My massage felt good, I feel much better after it and feel more myself. My ankles keep hurting though, they are throbbing like I cracked them too much. I don’t know if it’s from lying down… maybe.

Fasting 88 hours

I have a little energy and have lots of thoughts and conversing is really easy. I really don’t feel much different or like when some people say their minds are racing and so clear when they fast. Unless I’m tired I always feel like that, it’s easy to think and focus. Other than my ankles and lower back hurting a little I feel ok.

Fasting 90 hours

I feel like all the energy has been sucked out of me. I feel dizzy and weak. My ankles and my back are throbbing and it’s pretty annoying and sore. I feel an acidic feeling in my throat and drinking water makes me burp. My intestines are rumbling and I feel kind of like when I start to get cramps. I kinda feel like my ovaries and lower back ache. I feel tired like I need to nap even though I just woke up. I’m not hungry. My mouth feels a little fuzzy and sticky even though I am brushing twice a day. I feel thirsty but the water does not taste good it tastes like glass and metal. I have to make myself drink a few glasses today.

Weight: 127.8 lbs/ 58 kg

Fasting 96 hours

My throat feels all acidic still. I cannot sleep. My ankles still throbbing. Why won’t they stop? Something below my stomach is hurting really badly. It feels like it’s being ripped apart inside and it really hurts. I have never had this feeling before ever. It’s like tissue being torn away from my abdominal wall or something. It makes me want to eat just to try stop the pain. I feel like my insides are being eaten. My feet are so cold they feel like ice. Its hard to warm them up. Even under the covers of my bed they are freezing.

Fasting 108 hours

I don’t feel like I slept much. I wasn’t really tired and i just laid in bed with my eyes closed all night. I must have slept a little this morning because i had a dream. I was fighting with my mom and sister. My mom wouldn’t listen to me and she just left. I was so angry with her. I don’t really feel tired or nauseous or sick this morning. I feel ok. Not like yesterday when i felt so terrible it was hard to move from the pain. My ankles hurt a little still. No throbbing and lots of pain like yesterday. My lower back is a little sore. I wonder if it is my kidneys or something.

Weight 126.7 lbs/ 57.5 kg

Fasting Day 6

I’m going to stop counting the hours now that I’m fasting. It’s too confusing to keep track. I couldn’t sleep last night. I went to bed at 9 pm the night before and only slept until 2:30 am. Then my lower back hurt and I was restless so I read till 4 am. I tried to do a 24 hour dry fast because I was reading that it’s even more cleansing than a water fast and I hoped it would help my lower back, but only lasted 12 hours. I felt nauseous and thirsty at 8 am. I had to drink water, it took me a while to get out of bed because I felt so terrible. I went to the bathroom and then drank 3 glasses of water and went back to bed for 4 hours. Surprisingly I did not need to pee again, which is odd because I usually have to soon after drinking any water, let alone that much. Must have been the dry fast.

I got up at noon and my back was really killing me. I think I also strained it from slouching in bed and the mattress padding being way to soft, so it put my back out and I felt like my organs were hurting. I cried it hurt so bad. My tongue is white and mouth is sticky and and my throat has acid reflux. Its been there since day 4 and drives me crazy. I felt terrible so I lay in bed for another 2 hours. Then I had a massage even though i felt so nauseous I didn’t know if i could make it. Just getting up and going to the other room was hard, I felt very ill. Lying down and relaxing helped. My back felt a little better after the massage. When I sat up after it was done I felt like I had to pull it together to not be sick and I felt dizzy. I had to talk to the massage therapist for a bit and act normal. Immediately after I needed to go to bed again and lie in the dark, the artificial light made me feel terrible. My back is still killing me, I don’t know what to do.  I pulled off the mattress padding and laid a little flatter on the bed so it didn’t put my back out so much. Then I decided to try my electric massager and i used that on the sore parts of my back for a while and i felt so much better. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that sooner. Maybe my muscles are spasming. I had this stabbing feeling in my left ovary that was really hurting. A few minutes of using it and it went away. I feel much better now, but sitting in my bed with my legs out is causing me pain. So I sit in an upright chair and feel much better keeping my back supported. I use my massager though out the day, the pain comes and goes depending on my posture. Poor posture brings the pain back. My throat is driving me crazy i keep feeling like I’m going to throw up bile because its so acidic in my throat and burns. Even drinking water doesn’t help it, I just burp a little and it keep burning.
My pain is back. I’m trying to sit upright in a chair and hold myself together but it’s hard. I just want it to end. This has been the worst day, I just want to lie down in the dark, but it hurts my back. I feel really cold still too. Even covering myself head to toe and wearing wool socks I’m still cold. I get the chills a few times a day now and its hard to warm up. My feet are always freezing and I feel cold inside my body.

Fasting Day 7

I feel better today, but I was only able to sleep in 3 to 4 hour blocks so I had to keep getting up for a while and then going back to bed. Finally at 8 am (I have been getting up at noon, because I couldn’t sleep)  I got up and drank some water and went outside to get about 20 minutes of sun and that made me feel better too. This a/c is nasty, but it’s so noisy outside I can’t just leave my window open to sleep. My back hurts less. I need to keep making sure it’s straight and not slouching or it hurts. I’m still not hungry, not thinking about food. I don’t get dizzy or have to worry about getting up too fast anymore, I think my body has adapted to the low blood pressure. So that was really great.

I threw up after brushing my teeth today though accidentally. My toothbrush made me gag when I brushed my tongue and I threw up all this foam and then lots of yellow bile and then there was trickles of blood in it. I’m not sure what from, maybe my throat which has had acid on it for the past few days? Right after I drank some water and felt a million times better. I feel much better than all the days before just like on day one of my fast. It’s getting easier. :) I will aim for 10 days now, I’m almost there.

Weight 124.3 lbs/56.4 kg

Fasting Day 8

I took the mattress padding off my bed and slept on it like that. I was sleeping on the tile floor, but it was hurting my neck and making my legs hurt. I was able to sleep for about 9 and a half hours last night. I felt good this morning, but my neck and head are killing me. I put too much strain on it probably from lying with my head to the side while getting massaged. The hotel does not have massage tables so getting massages on a bed really sucks. It makes me feel better, but my neck is just hurting me and giving me a throbbing headache at the base of my head. Ive never hurt my neck so badly before. Maybe its just me but I always seem to hurt myself from sleeping or laying down and don’t generally hurt myself any other way. I think the next 2 days will be easier. I just keep thinking of the days in 12 hour blocks and sleeping when I feel low energy.  Surprisingly the only ketosis symptoms I have are a white tongue and strong smelling urine, my body does not smell at all.  I had a little athletes foot on my right foot and it went away (as a kid I always got that and some warts, it’s gotten better)  and my skin is getting clearer. I’m hoping in the next 2 days it clears up even more. I’ve been careful to try and not touch my face while sleeping and keep it moisturized with coconut oil so it doesn’t dry out from the a/c. My throat does not feel as acidy anymore, I hope its getting better. I have had headaches on and off today from my sore neck. Massages help it for a few hours but my head starts throbbing and feels heavy later. I had a BM today, it was small and spontaneous. I felt better after. Nothing strange. I really don’t think colonics or enemas are necessary when fasting since the body can obviously take care of itself without them.

Weight 123.2 lbs/55.9 kg

Fasting Day 9

I tried to go to bed early around 10pm and only slept for a few hours before I was woken up by noise outside of the hotel. People are always talking, banging or laughing in the middle of the night and it wakes me up. I got up at 1 am because I couldn’t sleep. I listened to some music and then watched some shows, but am still not really tired. I’m trying to have proper posture in my sleep to keep my back and neck from hurting, it just gets boring when I can’t sleep. I don’t get chills anymore in bed, I just get hot really fast, so its hard to not feel like I’m roasting inside this thick comforter. But turning the a/c on too high just dries out my lips and makes them cracked.

4 am and I’m still not tired. The hardest part about fasting is being bored and waiting  for time to pass. Just a day and a half more. Not having food cravings or feeling hungry, just more thinking what I’d like to eat in the future and what I will be happy to enjoy. I want to eat slower and enjoy it more. I think having juicy fruits will be very pleasant. I went back to bed after 4 and slept for almost 8 hours. I feel much better. My neck is still sore, but not giving me a headache like yesterday. Other than that I feel pretty fine, just the rest of the day and tomorrow to go.

Weight: 122.2 lbs/55.4 kg

Fasting Day 10

I feel fine today other than my neck still being sore. I’ll have something later on today. I want to go outside today and get some sun. So we went to the beach, but it’s cloudy and super windy so we walk around instead. I feel really really thirsty. We walk around town a little. I feel ok, I just can’t walk really fast and keep needing to drink water. I think about what I want to eat. Maybe some juice. The juice bar we go to is closed because of a holiday. It seems almost every day is a holiday in Bali. Literally. We walk around to an internet cafe and get the address of a vegetarian restaurant and take a taxi there.  They have a few juices, mostly strong vegetable juices with herbs or ginger, I don’t want that. I get an orange, mango, papaya, pineapple smoothie and sip on it really slowly. I don’t feel hungry or even want to gulp it down. I just chew the fiber. It takes me about half an hour to slowly sip and chew about a cup of it. My stomach is full and the pineapple made my tongue burn. Its really acidic in Bali, that was a bad idea. I give up the rest of my smoothie and I go home. A few hours later I snack on a handful of black grapes and remove the seeds. Later on I cut up a pear and chew it slowly through a movie. I still feel ok. My insides are gurgling though and it feels really weird.
At night when I try to go to sleep, I can’t. I feel like my insides are an empty water slide and the fruit juices are whooshing through back and forth and up and down every few seconds. I’ve never felt anything like it before. It continues all the way until morning. I pass out for a few hours in the morning finally.

Weight: 121 lbs/54.9 kg

After The Fast Day 1

I’m really tired. I felt like I was kept awake all night and just want to lay in bed. I have a few little pieces of watermelon and I eat it. I’m still not really hungry. We’re going to go and meet someone today and get a juice, so I get ready and we go to a different location of the same vegetarian restaurant. I order the same juice but without the pineapple this time as it is so acidic. We sit there for a while and I feel ok and I drink my smoothie. A while after drinking it though I feel really nauseas and weak. I just want to lay down and its hard to concentrate and listen while they talk. I’m thinking maybe the mango was too sweet? I didn’t feel sick from pears apples or watermelon, so we have to leave immediately and when I get home I feel much better. I lay down for a while.

Later on that night I get hungry but I don’t know what to do. I read online that some natural hygienists suggest steamed vegetables and broth as to not excite the body from fruit sugar and trigger intense hunger. I get some green beans and cauliflower and steam it. I drink the cooking water and have some vegetables and feel much better afterwards. What a relief. I actually feel better eating that then the fruit after fasting… hmm.

My mouth is still pretty dry and my tongue is white, I can’t wait for that to go away. I try to sleep but I can’t. I’m wide awake and all these noises, honking, backfiring and buzzing sounds are driving me crazy. I lay awake half the night with my eyes closed waiting to be tired. Finally I pass out just before morning.

After The Fast Day 2

I feel tired, I can’t seem to feel ok if I get up before noon. I can’t make myself fall asleep earlier and I get migraines if I wake up without enough sleep. The artificial lights hurt my eyes. I get some fresh apple juice from the hotel. Its good, but its mostly foam so it’s pretty small. I wish we had a blender or juicer! My mouth feels a little better this morning. I’m still thirsty. I still don’t like light. I had to sleep with no pillow last night and it helped my neck a bit, it was feeling strained.


This was a good learning experience for me. I learned what not to do in a few areas like:

-Don’t sit in bed all day with your feet up, it puts out your lower back!

-Don’t stay inside all the time under artificial lights, it is unnatural and gives you headaches!

-Don’t stay inside with a/c because it dries out your skin and lips and you need fresh air.

-Don’t go to bed late because it messes up your sleep schedule and is really hard to break after fasting.

-Don’t break your fast with mangoes, they are too sweet.

-Don’t sleep on really soft beds, it really strains your back.

-Don’t use really soft pillows it strains your neck.

-Don’t eat pineapple after fasting, your mouth is very sensitive and it will burn it very easily. (Shelton also noted this as well)

-Colonics, enemas and laxatives are not necessary. The body is totally capable of having bm on its own when ready and during a fast nothing is going to be sitting inside you forever poisoning you, so don’t worry about it.

Some things I learned that are ok:

– Eating steamed vegetables or vegetable cook water does not make you feel sick or bad after a fast. – This is interesting.

– Walking around a bit while fasting is fine as long as you don’t make yourself walk to fast.

-Getting sunshine and fresh air really helps!

-It’s ok to not sit in the dark day and night resting. If you do this your circadian rhythms are all messed up and you can have major problems sleeping and be very sensitive to light migraines.

Next time I fast I will take care to be in a better environment where I can go outside, get fresh air and sun and not spend all the time inside laying in bed.  If I didn’t do that I would not have put my back out so badly.  I even started googling it and it seemed VERY common after the first 4 or 5 days in fasters. Most people attributed it to kidney pain or toxins being released, but I SERIOUSLY doubt that. There has to be a link between lower back pain and bad posture sitting in bed all day, it puts a huge strain on it.  Then if you are also sleeping on your side at night and laying that way during the day you put even MORE strain on your back from resting. So posture is very very important when you are resting for extended periods to prevent yourself from getting injured!

After the fast I decided to eat smaller meals, and chew slower and enjoy the food more.  I lost over 9 lbs.  It did not creep back up within a few days like a lot of people say happens in fasting. But overall I am happy with my experience.  I have noticed my digestion is MUCH much better, my skin is better and my mouth seems healthier too. I don’t have any more pain in my ovaries/intestines area so it’s possible my body did some healing on that area.

I think next time I do a water fast it will be even easier because I will be better at it and know what to expect!


The not eating was probably the easiest part.  I thought it would be hard because I really look forward to meals and like deciding what to buy and eat.  But I mentally prepared myself.  I enjoyed my last meal and said no more eating again for 10 days. You can look forward to eating delicious fruit when you’re done, and it was really easy since I wasn’t actually hungry the first 3 days.  I have water fasted before and felt hungry/sick on the 3rd day but this time I didn’t.

But the boredom and waiting for time to pass was the most persistent and then hurting myself from laying and sitting on a bed all day was the worst I experienced.

I really feel like I healed some problems with my digestion and possibly my ovaries.  I always had this pain in my left side that would come and go and some healers told me there was something wrong there but doctors could never find anything.  Anyways it doesn’t hurt anymore so that’s good.

Also the constant a/c and darkness are killer.  We need fresh air, sun and light. Artificial light makes me so headachey in prolonged periods.

I could have gone longer because I was definitely not hungry and by day 10 everything was so much better and easier.  I had to stop because I needed time to refeed before we traveled.  I was not hungry and had to make myself eat some fruit a few times.  I think my body would have been fine eating a few pieces of fruit once a day for the first few days.

I definitely don’t think it’s wise to break a fast with sweet tropical fruit though I felt so sick and drunk off of it, unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before.  I had no problems with apples and pears and a little watermelon.  So I would stay away from mangoes, pineapple and banana next time I break a fast.

I know it will be easy for me to go longer next time, given that my surroundings weren’t that great. Our hotel was on the side of a highway so it wasn’t safe to be walking around down there by myself. (No shoulders or sidewalks)

I talked to my friend who is a Doc and found a lot of interesting info why I had problems with fruit after breaking the fast.

Pancreatic function takes about 4 days to return to normal if you are eating low sugar, small amounts of food and taking it easy, if you eat too much fruit, and too much it can take 2 weeks and wreak havoc on your blood sugar. Your pancreas has basically turned off while fasting and being in a ketatonic state, you can’t just expect it will turn on because you put fruit in your mouth!

The cooked veggies made me feel fine because they were partially broken down and easy to digest and low sugar.  It was easy on my pancreas.  Also since you are fasting you have a low amount of enzymes available for digesting, so eating blended or cooked vegetables is much easier on the body as it takes a few days to bring them back up to your pre fast levels.

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1 Ebony Waters December 31, 2016 at 8:13 AM

Your post was detailed and beautiful. It was very encouraging as well! I’m on my tenth day. It is the first day I haven’t felt the detox symptoms. I found you because I was googling about how I planned to end it today but don’t feel hungry. You’ve encouraged me to keep going. I may only do 4 more days to make it a two-week fast. I’ll know when I get there if I can make it a 21-day fast. I’m a type 2 diabetic and when I end a fast with fruit it has always been disastrous. You are the first I’ve seen who believes breaking a fast with veggies. I planned to do it with overly boiled baby spinach blended afterward in my Vitamix. I’m glad to have read about the digestion bit and how it takes 3 days. Brilliant read and great information. Thank you!


2 Mike October 5, 2016 at 9:14 PM

I have a theory about your back pain. It could very well have been your kidneys hurting from not drinking enough water. Your aches and pains can be from you being dehydrated, as without electrolytes and carbohydratwz, your body will not hold on to water at all. Hence, feeling thirsty all the time, even after you drink a glass of water or two.


3 Aly March 30, 2016 at 4:59 PM

Good post. I did a 10 day water fast and I wonder if it was really safe for me. I didn’t have any medical issues, was healthy etc but I developed AWFUL reflux afterwards. You made me think about it with your ‘tasting acid’ type comments. I broke the fast with juices as advised, so I’m not sure where I went wrong. The reflux got so bad I was on 80 mg of PPI (a very high dose) for 6 months. I’m finally off them, thank goodness, but jeez! I never thought that would happen.

I really liked everything else about the fast other than the reflux though, so I was trying to think of a healthier way to accomplish the same goal. I was thinking of maybe drinking a small amount of juice each day to make it a ‘light juice’ fast in order to help get rid of some of the acid build-up in my stomach?

My friend is a nurse in the ICU and she says any patient they have to leave without nutrition in their stomach they put on PPIs within 72 hours. The alternative to the light juice fast would be taking PPIs prophylactically, but my doctor told me they can take up to 2 weeks to take effect, so that confused me.

Oh, well. You guys are lucky you can fast without complications! I’ll probably just stick to juice type fasts for now. I still get problems with my reflux occasionally, I think it may be permanent 🙁


4 Joey November 13, 2015 at 12:50 AM

Lovely Post – I too do 1 day water fasting weekly. I have a high carb diet after fast and that makes me more lethargic the next day. Your tips of eating greens after fasting is a great suggestion. It makes the body less excited.

Why I do water fasting .
1. Relaxes the digestive system.
2.Controls cravings, increases Will power.
3.Cleanses your blood, as the brain signals the Kidneys to filter more blood and urinate the waste.
4.I suddenly feel spiritual at End of day ( not sure why ..?)
5. Concentration levels seem to increase (again ..no idea why). I can meditate better than normal days.


5 Beaux April 21, 2015 at 7:28 PM

lovely post thanks for sharing! I’m doing a ten water fast tomorrow and I’m very excited! I’ve never done more than a seven day water fast and I’m a bit nervous but reading this gave me a but of confidence and knowing what to expect is nice also! Thanks again for this!


6 mj March 18, 2015 at 1:49 PM

this is very good, good details and storytelling. only skimmed it for now but this is a very important spiritual practice for me and someday for the world. we will have plenty in many countries until then (the real Apocalypse) so the practice will be easier for us who have so much, so many options of time and rules, etc. some countries experience very little luxury and some of them have religious fasting practice, also. i have done very long fasts, 40 days w/o food, 20 days without food or water, sometimes drinking plain tea or diet cola. this is for spiritual reasons, all these practices, but it is very extreme. if you want successes at fast w/o taking anything, one advise is to keep your mind occupied with things you like, mental well being, mental exercizes and just let your mind roam, treat those voices as freinds of all kinds. normal, healthy socialization is good, too. would also recommend nice walks and gentle, easy yoga with qualified teachers.
in ancient times, yogis would exercise while fasting, sometimes to cause cures or bring peace similar to Christian prayers effects. these days, its recommended you consult your doctors as well. take care and please enjoy learning good health


7 Nan February 18, 2015 at 11:54 PM

Thank you so much for giving so much detail – it’s so helpful to read how others do while fasting. I water fasted for 21 days at a fasting facility where they check your vitals and urine everyday and do a blood test once a week. I had to stop at day 21 because my electrolytes were upset (potassium too low). As I was reading your symptoms I was thinking maybe you had a problem with that too, but it seemed to go ok and you got to feeling better. When we came off the fast they gave us lots of fresh celery for about 24 hours, with vegetable broth – it tasted SOO good. We had to eat fresh raw for about 3 days and then they gave us baked potatoes – white and sweet, salads with avocado dressing, and other raw vegies. Not much fruit at all.


8 autumn April 22, 2015 at 2:14 PM

how much weight did you loose?


9 maria August 15, 2014 at 4:52 PM

I am starting a 10 day water fast tommorow God willing. I am doing it.to lose weight


10 Katie June 16, 2014 at 2:18 AM

Hi thanks for posting this. I’m planning to start a fast soon. I have PCOS and I’m overweight. Really wanting to lose all my excess weight because that’s the best way to manage pcos. The doctor wanted to put me on birth control for my hormones but I haven’t taken it because I’d much rather do something natural. The most I’ve ever gone on a water fast is 5 days. I can’t take any time off work, so I think I’m going to alternate a strict, healthy diet with juice fasting and water fasting until I get to my ideal weight.


11 Kiki June 26, 2014 at 2:09 AM


I was so relieved to see your comment. I have PCOS, too, and nothing else I’ve tried has done me any good. I don’t even mean fad diets, but changing into a healthy “lifestyle” for even a month, it helped me lose 1 or 2 pounds tops. With PCOS, your body hangs on to every pound like it’s the last pound on earth. A doc even told me I could eat salads all day and still stay at this high weight unless I agree to birth control. Like you, I want a more natural alternative and hope that the water fast will be a somewhat quicker alternative.


12 Chris January 25, 2014 at 1:56 AM

This is very interesting! I have gone 4 days while living on a organic farm in Hawaii! I feel environment plays a huge role


13 Dodhisattva Adonai January 20, 2014 at 12:09 PM

I appreciate your detailed experience, it was very helpful. I am getting ready to do a fast in a few weeks. I have done multiple fasts, my longest at 21 days of green vegetable juice and now am going to go for a water fast. I am glad you mentioned the artificial light. The sun is where we get our energy especially while fasting. Blessings to you. Love & Light, Dodhisattva


14 belly November 13, 2013 at 2:15 PM

Hi. im starting my water fasting tomorrow. it is going to be a 10 dy water fast too. I will post my experience also. Thanks for sharing tho!


15 Sandi November 13, 2013 at 6:37 PM

I am starting a 10 day fast tomorrow as well! I am excited to read your posts! The longest I have fasted before is 4 days, so this is going to be a challenge, but I feel prepared. Good luck to you!


16 Claude, MyWaterFasting.com October 23, 2013 at 9:11 PM

I enjoyed your detailed description of your water fasting experience. I’m always eager to learn what others feel during water fasts to add to the list of things I should be prepared for…

I just have one comment to make. Don’t break a fast with banana… EVER! Bananas are not easy to digest. They’re very healthy but not something to feed a stomach that has taken a 10 day break. You need juice, orange juice. It’s acidic and good to get your stomach to ready for proper digestion again. No solid fruit is good, only juice for the first 2-3 days. Then smoothies and such for at least 4 more days.

PS: I’ve eaten cheese 2 days after breaking a fast and got skin rashes. It helped me add another item on my “NOT TO DO LIST” 🙂 The fast breaking schedule has to be followed as it’s the most dangerous phase of the fast.


17 jimmy October 7, 2013 at 2:32 AM

someone told me to do a 24 hour fast to lose wait.

i did it for the challange. now 4 days later i feel terrible. no energy tired all the time. sometimes my stomach acids churn.

i need my engery back but i dont kwow too much about all this so i an trying to get as much electrolite back into me to get back my energy.

is this normal tro feel so drained days after a 24 hour water fast thanks


18 Low Fat Vegan Chef Veronica October 7, 2013 at 10:27 PM

This is not normal, i have done 24 hour water fasting and have never felt worse after it. Did you drink water? Lots of it? You may need to see a doctor to find out why you felt so drained, the body does not even start feeding off its own fat stores until the 3rd day, so you might have a blood sugar issue or something else. 24 hours is usually very easy for people unless they are coming off of stimulants like alcohol, drugs, caffeine etc.


19 Ebony Waters December 31, 2016 at 8:05 AM

Hi. This is because your body had JUST begun detoxing. One to three-day water fasts provide REST. Your body doesn’t go into ketosis until AFTER that. You were experiencing the detox symptoms. Next time give it at least 4 days after ketosis or just stick to giving your body a break until then. Hope that helps!


20 Bunnie September 9, 2013 at 9:30 AM

Thanks for posting your experience. I did a 1 day water fast after a few days of juicing, Felt incredible! Had tons of energy and probably did too much. Had insomnia and woke up around 4 am, unable to go back to sleep. Then I got a migraine from the sleep loss.

I got up and decided to go to juice. I first drank lemon water and felt okay. Then I made juiced a pineapple along with ginger and celery and I ended up in bed the rest of the day from nausea. Quickly switched to lemon water and vegetable juice with an apple. Sleep was almost impossible and I woke up with another migraine.

Today I *thought* I needed something more substantial so I made a smoothie with fresh blackberries and 2 small bananas. I thought I was going to die the first two hours from nausea and ended up going to the bathroom for a #2 and felt better almost immediately. Instead of ending the fast by eating I’m going back to green juice for a few days, then I’ll try again. Thanks again for your post because it gave me a reference point for what I’m feeling now.


21 RJ August 11, 2013 at 9:00 AM

Thanks for sharing your experience with the water fast.
I guess this is the bodies way of telling you about its physical limitations.
I have gone on 7 days water fast but have not experienced the sore muscles even though i lost muscle mass.
More than boredom i became very easily irritable, small things would tick me off as long i was on the diet.
The easiest way to break a fast is to first counter the acid build-up in the stomach using lemon or lime water which is a ‘basic’. Fruits are not advised immediately as they contain high level of natural sugar which in certain cases might give you a sugar shock.


22 mikel July 15, 2013 at 1:30 AM

Thanks for the posts. Very interesting! I have done a 7 day juice fast and a 3 day water fast. Both of these were done when I was living a much cleaner life style. I have been drinking lately so I am only going to do a 1 day fast. I have to get ready for my 10 day meditation retreat.
You are very strong to last 10 days through all that pain and boredom.


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