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My friend and colleague Nomi Shannon just sent me three more yummy recipes from her latest collection. I’m forwarding them to you so you can try them out and enjoy them as much as I have.

From Nomi:

“Would you like to know the fascinating recipe ideas I got from reading “What Do Raw Fooders Eat, Volume 2 ?”

Then keep reading. Because right here in this email, I’ll share a few of them with you.

You might think that I have “tasted it all”. But to my delight, I was tantalized by many of the recipes I discovered.

Try these yourself and dazzle your taste buds.


Elaina Love’s Hot Chocolate Elixir

I sometimes miss coffee, and occasionally I have some. But when I made this luscious ‘brew’ I knew I’d found a nutritious, filling coffee replacement. In fact, I’ve made it with a bit of instant coffee I keep in the house for company. This yummy hot drink is the perfect replacement for those $6- plus tip -drinks you buy at coffee houses. What a concept:  a pick me up that’s actually good for you! Elaina Love is a SUPERSTAR international raw chef and teacher.


2 cups hot water

2 Tablespoons Desiccated coconut, ground in a coffee grinder

2 Tablespoons xylitol (super low glycemic sweetener made with Birch Bark)

1 Tablespoon raw cacao or carob powder

1 Tablespoon coconut oil (I skip this)

1 teaspoon maca powder

1 Tablespoon soaked chia seeds (to make soaked chia seeds, mix  ¼ cup of dry seeds with 1 cup of water and soak overnight if possible)

2 teaspoons instant coffee substitute (Dandy Blend) OR 7 drops of coffee essence (Medicine Flower)

10 drops vanilla liquid stevia or to taste

¼ teaspoon high mineral salt

Directions: Blend on high until creamy and frothy. Sprinkle with cinnamon and nutmeg


Penni Shelton’s Blueberry Hemp-Nut Shake

This smoothie is a real winner. It takes under 5 minutes to make and will keep you fueled until lunch time with healthy fats and protein. Penni, you are a genius, such  a simple but delicious recipe.

2 cups water

½ cup hemp seeds

1 Tablespoon coconut nectar

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 x 10 ounce package frozen blueberries

1 banana

Blend all ingredients into a smooth, creamy, yummy shake.

From Penni: With the high protein and essential fatty acids of hemp nuts and the powerful antioxidant superfood status of blueberries, I knew this shake wouldn’t let me down.


Deb Durrant’s  Chocolate and Raspberry Parfait

An innovative recipe creator and fabulous teacher, caterer and Raw Food Guru in the UK, Deb creates amazing raw desserts as well as anything else you can think of, in her signature Super Gourmet way.

Mousse Ingredients (serves 4): 

2 medium size, very ripe avocados

1 heaping cup raw cacao powder

1 cup coconut sugar

1/3 cup coconut butter, melted (I skip this part since there’s already enough fat in the recipe from the avocados)

1 Tablespoon vanilla paste

Pinch of Himalayan pink salt

For the fruit layer:

1 punnet (approximately 1 pint US) raspberries

1 Tablespoon agave syrup (I’m not a fan of agave, so I skip this)

For the chocolate mousse: Place all of the ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth. Set aside. Then make the raspberry jam: Mash half the raspberries with the back of a fork and mix in the agave syrup. Spoon a bit of jam in the bottom of each of the glasses. Then add the chocolate mousse layer and top with a teaspoon of raspberry jam. Top with the remaining fresh raspberries. Put it in the refrigerator for an hour or two to set.”

Wow!  These three recipes are from Nomi’s latest collection: What Do Raw Fooders Eat, Volume 2- but I haven’t even mentioned yet the $212.72 worth of Super Bonuses you get with purchase of What Do Raw Fooders Eat, Volume 2!

That’s right, you’ll get instant access to Nomi’s carefully curated BONUS BUNDLE of products including: Amazing Recipes, How To Make Salves & Creams at home, Detox Protocols and Recipes, Health & Beauty Tips, How To Create 5 Minute Breakfasts, Healthy Party Food, Transition Recipes, Power Breakfasts, Meals Made From Greens and so much more…Plus 3 full length books from well known authors Nathan Crane, Frederic Patenaude and Dr.Ritamarie Loscalzo.




Would you like a “sneak preview” of one chapter from Nomi Shannon’s new collection: “What Do Raw Fooders Eat?”

To thank you for being a loyal reader, here’s a link to the chapter on Martine Lussier, the Culinary Program Manager at Living Light Culinary Arts Institute.


(Please note: in the full version you will be able to copy and paste and print but not in the sample.)

If you ever feel guilty for eating “too much” cooked food, chapters like this one are sure to give you some comfort.

Martine is a great example of a “high raw” person who combines raw food with healthy cooked foods like hot soup and quinoa

Besides getting access to her fascinating food log, you’ll get four of Martine’s best recipes:


•           Good Morning Juice

•           Green Smoothie

•           Cashew and Sunflower Curry Pate

•           Chia Pudding With Fruit

So what are you waiting for?


This collection will give you hundreds of brand new ideas to thrill your taste buds and shake up your menu plan. You’ll never again settle for the same boring meals, or wonder what to eat. And it’s yours risk free for 3 months.

If you’re among the first 500 people to order, you’ll get a huge early bird bonus package worth $212.72 This email is going out to a lot of people, so check it out now.

Veronica Grace


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